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Ready-mix Concrete
Re-invented for digital commerce

Brokrete is the best and most modern platfrom for ready-mix concrete suppliers to sell and manage their business online. Our platform empowers small to enterprise-level producers and gives them all the capabilities to sell online with their own white-label customer portal - powered by modern order management and logistics functionalities.


Customer Portal

Give more freedom to your customers

You don’t need an IT department to have your own app. Now any producer can have their own white-label customer portal or e-commerce platform.

Reduce phone calls by up to 90%

Reduce the number of phone calls by up to 90% from pre-ordering to post-delivery. Your customers can now edit and modify any order from their mobile device without having to call. 

Grow revenues 

Our technology gives your brand the opportunity to increase and earn additional revenue. By making the purchasing process more convenient, intuitive and simple, you can significantly improve your contractor's experience, which, in turn, positively impacts sales.

Improved Customer Experience

Offer your customers a more convenient way to browse, order, manage orders, chat and interact with your company - with easily accessible information right at their fingertips. As a result, your brand is right in the palm of your customers’ hand.

Bypass Competition

New companies are embracing technology to gain market share and are scaling quickly. Brokrete is “arming the rebels” by giving the same capabilities to empower small and medium-sized suppliers.

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Operations & Dispatch

Flexible business management with dispatch

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.

Order management simplified through automation

Modern and easy-to-use order management and scheduling technology to manage your operations - Powered by powerful payment, finance and automation tools to improve your business efficiency and reduce your staff workload

Get paid faster 

Generate automated and accurate invoices that are sent automatically through email and text message when your order is marked as completed. Give invoice visibility to your customers through your customer portal and give them the ability to pay online.

Reduce AR liabilities 

Reduce your account receivable burden with automated credit account payment reminders and final notices sent at each phase of your AR cycles without lifting a finger. The reminders are set up to be sent via text messages and emails and are prompt on a regular cadence.

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Partnership With Marcotte Systems

We recently partnered with the best specialised batching and dispatch for ready-mix, Marcotte Systems. You can now connect any Brokrete solutions to Marcotte and benefit from a seamless experience.

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Some Modules

Some modules included into our operation & dispatch solutions for the ready-mix concrete industry


Order Management
(or API connections to MARCOTTE systems)


Business and plant management


Driver solutions incl. driver app
(or API connections to MARCOTTE systems or other driver solutions)


E-Invoice and E-ticket automation

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(or API connections to MARCOTTE systems or other driver solutions)

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Tax automation and finance module

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Customer portal / E-commerce management

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AR automation (PayLinks)


Contractor and Driver Managment

And More...

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Accept credit cards, ACH or POS without hassle throughout the Brokrete suit of products. Give the ability for your customers to checkout,  pay invoices or pay their credit account easily.

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We Understand

That's why we built it simple.

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