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Building blocks for complex commerce

We help suppliers, producers, distributors and manufacturers  in construction to automate processes, reduce costs and grow sales through digitization. 


White-label solutions for construction suppliers

Tough Commerce provides a coding-free, white labeled, multi-channel, easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy and industry-specific commerce solution to manage, operate and sell online. 

Operations & Dispatch

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.


Clients we proudly serve

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Garden State concrete uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the volumetric concrete industry
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AG Baxter uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the aggregate industry

Configurable workflow engine

Your business is unique. Our solution supports the industry specific needs of your business that traditional commerce platforms can't. 


Your business is unique

We understand that. That's why we built the only configurable commerce engine for complex industries. 

ERP Connection / 3rd Party API

Integrate with just about anything

Connect to your existing ERP, Fleet management, GPS , telematics or accounting system to optimize workflows and data visibility for your team.

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For Platforms

Use Cases

Leverage our flexible and configurable engine for complex uses cases


Manage operations through a centralized dashboard for each location's products, pricing, drivers and delivery rules.


Centralize commerce operations of your subsidiaries into one platform, while maintaining the uniqueness of each brand.


We are the only commerce platform to offer multi-industry checkout logic for complex ordering workflows.

Supply Aggregation

Want to build your own supply aggregator for a specific market? Do just that by leveraging our platform and save hundreds of thousands in development costs.

Offline to Online

Your industry is complex and there is no good solution our there for you. Tough Commerce is highly configurable, allowing you to digitize your processes and significantly lower costs.

Manufacturing to Distribution to Customer (M2D2C)

Are you a manufacturer? Set up your distribution network on a single platform and enable your end customers to order directly through your distributors.

B2B Complex Commerce

B2B is our strength.  Our platform is built and configured for most complex B2B logic in specific industries.

B2C Complex Commerce

B2C is not always simple. In certain industries, B2C requires specific workflows for digitization to be possible. 

Embedded Commerce

Have an existing website and want to keep it integral? You don't need to disrupt your existing setup to go digital. By adding a simple snippet of code to your website, you can enable e-commerce without a hassle.

Dynamic Supply Pricing

Our platform is setup for dynamic pricing based on many complex parameters, including suppliers. If you want to build a platform that will display supplier pricing based on a delivery address, for example - our platform can do just that and more.

Multi-Currency / International

If you sell and operate  in many countries, our platform is setup for multi-language, multi-currency, sales tax automations and other specific complex configurations based on the country.


Leverage our complex pricing infrastructure for wholesale and enable bulk pricing along with other specific complex logic.


Would you like to sell your products on other platforms? Our flexible commerce and API infrastructure can help you make this happen.

Credit Commerce

Most complex industries offers credit terms to customers. This pricing dynamic makes it difficult to go digital. Our solution supports the credit dynamic that traditional commerce platforms do not offer. 

For Startups

Don't waste your cash

building from scratch.

We helps startups leverage it's platform to  get to market faster at a lower cost.

Civil Engineer at the construction site

Go Digital. It's time.

See how we can help you optimize your business by going digital.

Featured in

Tough Commerce (Brokrete) featured in TechCrunch
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Tough Commerce (Brokrete) featured in Construction Dive

"They are revolutionizing commerce for distributors and suppliers in the construction industry"

Colin B. Dunnigan, President

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