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Automate Core Processes

Reduce your operational workload and make your business more cost effective by automation some core business functions.

Tough Commerce solution for complex industries

Yes, we can automate it.

Tough Commerce solution for complex industries

Ops automation examples

Reduce by up to 90% of time spent taking orders on the phone by automating your ordering and scheduling process

Dispatch and ETA Notifications

Generate customer notifications on order status changes instantly. Notifications are sent directly through text message, email or push notifications.

Complex Pricing and Delivery Rules

Setup dynamic pricing models based on specific parameters including distance traveled, weight, delivery methods, volume pricing and other industry-specific pricing information.

Schedulling Rules

Reduce your dispatch workload dramatically by setting up parameters for scheduling and enable your users to book digitally.

Back-office automation

Reduce by up to 70% of your back office workload on invoicing, tax monitoring and managing A/R  by automating your finance process

E-Ticket and E-invoicing

Automate your e-invoice and e-ticket processes with our workflows.  Our system will allow you to automatically generate an  invoice and ticket for every client order, send invoices via text or email and store invoices on  your customer portal profile

AR, Payments & Payouts

Automate your payment, collection and payout processes using our AR automation tools. Automatically generate payment links that are sent out to your customers to pay their invoices and setup automated payment reminders every 15 or 30 days.

Sales Tax Compliance

Automate your tax monitoring process using our smart tax engine and never worry about calculating sales tax yourself. Our engine supports both Canadian and US sales tax.

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Save up to 90% of your invoice and AR workload!

Don't create an invoice manually
ever again!

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Automate AR and reduce bad debt

Reduce your account receivable burden with automated credit account payment reminders and final notices sent at each phase of your AR cycles without lifting a finger. The reminders are set up to be sent via text messages and emails and are prompt on a regular cadence based on specific credit parameters setup for each customers.
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Automate Sales Tax Compliance

We have built the best-in-class tax automation tool for complex commerce. With our system, you can automate sales tax calculations for all states and region in the US and setup specific tax attribute to customers and even projects. 
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ERP Connection / 3rd Party API

Integrate with just about anything

Connect to your existing ERP, Fleet management, GPS , telematics or accounting system to optimize workflows and data visibility for your team.

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Featured in

Tough Commerce (Brokrete) featured in TechCrunch
Tough Commerce (Brokrete) featured in BETAKIT
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Tough Commerce (Brokrete) featured in Construction Dive

Our Solutions

Tough Commerce provides a coding-free, white labeled, multi-channel, easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy and industry-specific commerce solution to manage, operate and sell online. 

Operations & Dispatch

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.


Clients we proudly serve

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Garden State concrete uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the volumetric concrete industry
Frame 3466256.png
AG Baxter uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the aggregate industry

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