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Dispatch made simple.

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management and dispatch system. Connected to an operator app that is easy to use and 


For your industry.

Industry-specific and flexible dispatch portal for complex industries. Manage your orders in real-time, schedule your deliveries and trucks, setup your location and business settings, manage your customers, pricing, invoice, e-tickets and process payment all into a single ecosystem,

Ready-Mix Concrete


Concrete Pumping

Volumetric Concrete

Building Materials

Waste Management

Landsacping Industry

  • Tailored to your dispatch processes and flows

  • Optimize operational efficiency and reduce phone calls

  • Reduce paperwork 

  • White-label


Back-office automation

E-tickets, Automated.

Generate tailored, editable and detailed e-tickets and e-invoices that can be sent out automatically when an order is completed and accessible at all time for your customer base via your digital customer portal.

  • Easy access to users via customer portal, text or email. Save time on customer service and finance functions.

  • Remove non-digital processes (like mail)

  • Enable users to pay invoices directly from the PDF itself or from a link

  • Follow and automate invoice payment status changes

  • Centralize and organize invoices and e-tickets by users and projects

Complex Pricng

Complex Pricing
Made Easy

Setup simple or complex pricing structure based on your existing workflows. Automate pricing calculations by setting up pricing rules for any parameters possible such as ; locations, products, delivery, schedule, users, tier, volume, distance, quantities, stops, product type, truck type, driver type OR create your own pricing parameters tailored to your needs through our pricing workflows engine.

  • Customizable to your existing pricing processes.

  • Save time and money with quoting and pricing automation

Location Based

Location Based

Manage all your locations through a centralized system and give permission based access to team members to manage those locations. Setup complex pricing and delivery modalities based on the regions each location is servicing.

  • Complete visibility on all locations in one spot.

  • Centralize operations

  • More support between locations

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Operations solution for complex commerce

From the point of purchase to the point of payout.

User Management

Manage Stakeholders
Manage your users accounts, price groups, general information and have real-time access to order, payment, payout and activity history.
  • Centralize and organize user data 

  • Quick access and visibility to user history and account status

  • Securely store user payment methods

  • Make better credit decision based on data

Communication, Chat, Notifications

Streamline communications and reduce phone calls
Chat in real-time with your user base through your white-label customer portal, web portal or mobile app. Let your users receive email and push notification for specific order events such as order cancellations, rescheduling, delays, truck status changes and even payment. 
  • Reduce phone calls up to 95%

  • Reduce communication errors

  • Reduce liabilities for order accuracy

  • Troubleshoot errors responsibility more efficiently


Quote to order feature
Setup/send quotes in minutes. Our system automates the manual calculation needed for complex quoting and offers the convenience to convert them into real orders.
  • Save time on quoting 

  • Centralize and organize quotes by users and projects

  • Easy access to users via customer portal - Save time on customer service.


Complex scheduling, simplified.

Setup simple or complex scheduling logic based on trucking and status parameters while having access to a customizable truck scheduling dashboard overlooking your delivery capacities for specific time periods.

  • Easy truck status and “capacity” visualization

  • User friendly interface (drag and drop)

  • API friendly - Connect with existing GPS or Dispatch

  • Affordable - Included in all our packages.

Frame 8914_edited.png

"They are revolutionizing commerce for distributors and suppliers in the construction industry"

Colin B. Dunnigan, President

ERP Connection / 3rd Party API

Open & customizable API ecosystem

Connect to any of your existing ERP, Fleet management, routing or GPS systems to optimize workflows and data visibility for your team.

  • Digitize all your processes by optimizing and centralizing all your operations


Go Digital. It's time.

See how we can help you optimize your business by going digital.


Our Solutions

Tough Commerce provides a coding-free, white labeled, multi-channel, easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy and industry-specific commerce solution to manage, operate and sell online. 

Operations & Dispatch

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.


Clients we proudly serve

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Garden State concrete uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the volumetric concrete industry
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AG Baxter uses Tough Commerce Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the aggregate industry
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