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Dispatch, Scheduling, Inventory, Recipe, Costing and more!

The most comprehensive volumetric concrete software on the market

Holcombe Mixers partnered with Tough Commerce to help suppliers and producers automate processes, reduce costs and grow sales through digitization by providing an innovative dispatch, scheduling, back-office, e-commerce and payment solution for volumetric concrete companies.


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Some Volumetric Concrete Suppliers Using our solution

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Everything you need to manage your volumetric business - And more!

A complete suite of operation, commerce and finance modules to bring your volumetric business to the next level.

Dispatch & Scheduling

Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.


Dispatch, Scheduling, Inventory, Recipe, Costing and more!

Volumetric-specific dispatch portal. Manage your orders in real-time, schedule your deliveries and trucks, setup your location and business settings, manage your customers, pricing, invoice, e-tickets and process payment all into a single ecosystem. In addition use our inventory, recipe and costing module to optimize your your business


Manage your phone-in or digital orders seamlessly with the flexibility of our order management portal. Our dispatch system gives you real-time flexibility and autonomy to manage orders on your own terms.

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Multi-Stop Scheduling 

3 scheduling views to manage more efficiently your deliveries; Order view, driver view and truck view. We designed the scheduling module with user experience in mind, including drag and drop functionalities.

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Inventory, Receipe and costing

Manage the inventory of your raw materials based on your order volume, monitor costs and setup mix recipe. The mix recipe module is connected to the Holcombe truck and enable you to update your truck recipe from the cloud


Contractor payment portal 

Automate AR by giving contractors access to a complete payment portal to view account balance, historical orders and invoice, e-tickets and make payment.


Driver Solution

Flexible driver solutions for the modern volumetric concrete suppliers

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Uber-like driver solution for volumetric delivery

This app gives any volumetric concrete suppliers “Uber-like” capabilities and enables you to monitor your drivers routes, geolocations and driving history.


Drivers use the app to manage their deliveries, access delivery details, navigation, communication with stakeholders and for proof of delivery. All stakeholders can also have real-time truck visibility, including the customer via mobile e-commerce or customer portal.

  • Visibility from all stakeholder on trucking status

  • Communicate with driver in real-time and automatically store those communications

  • Affordable. Do not require GPS.



Focus on your core business while saving time and money by automating some of your most painful finance tasks such as invoicing, sales tax monitoring, AR and payments.



Generate automated and accurate invoices that are sent through email and text message when your order is marked completed. Give complete invoice visibility to your customers through your own e-commerce or customer portal product.

  • Save time and money - Reduce up to 70% the time spent on creating invoices

  • Optimize finance team efficiency

  • Reduce invoicing errors

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E-ticket and E-invoice Automation

Find how you can save time and money by automating one of the most painful process in your business

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You don’t need an IT department to have your own e-commerce platform. Now any volumetric supplier can sell online or have their own e-commerce portal using our cutting-edge commerce platform.

Embedded Commerce

Give e-commerce capabilities to your existing website and visitors conversion rate to new business. Your embeddable e-commerce component can also have customer portal capabilities to serve  your existing business.

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  • Improve website conversion to new business

  • Accept online orders for existing and new customers

  • Customer portal capabilities for existing customers

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Payment Solutions

Accept credit cards seamlessly

Accept credit cards instantly without hassle throughout the whole Brokrete suit of products. Give the ability for your customers to checkout,  pay their invoices or pay their credit account via credit card.

  • No setup needed - No hassle

  • Automated payouts deposits in your bank account


ERP Connection / 3rd Party API

Integrate with just about anything

Connect to your existing ERP, Fleet management, GPS , telematics or accounting system to optimize workflows and data visibility for your team.


Your business is unique

We understand that. That's why we built the only configurable commerce engine for complex industries. 

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