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Industry-specific. One solution.

The cloud-based software to run your business

Tough Commerce is the job management platform for construction suppliers. Working closely with small and large suppliers in the industry - our platform helps you get's things done. 

Get More Done. Work More Efficiently. Get Paid Faster.

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Switch to Tough Commerce. It's time.

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Finally, a modern business management software

Increase profits,
save time, do more.

Tough Commerce provides a centralized platform to manage your jobs from start to finish. Working closely with industry leaders in the volumetric and service based industries - our platform was built to solve your toughest problems.

Dispatch and operator app

Tough Commerce Dispatch & Operator App let’s you run your business without all the paperwork and phone calls. Enter order information once and use it to manage your orders, dispatch operators and produce order tickets. Used by small and large companies - we help you get things done!


Start dispatching within 24 hours

Skip the long setup times, difficult configuration, and days spent in training sessions. Our easy-to-use, powerful platform enables you to start dispatching jobs to your operators fast.

Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the ready-mix concrete industry
Complex commerce solution including e-commerce, dispatch, scheduling, e-invoicing, e-tickets, driver solution, back-office, tax, finance and payment for the aggregate industry
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Modern software to maximize your profits

Switch to Tough Commerce.  It's time.

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"They are revolutionizing business for suppliers in the construction industry"

Colin B. Dunnigan, President

For Platforms

Some functionalities

Flexible and configurable engine for most complex uses cases


Manage operations through a centralize dashboard for each locations. Set of products, pricing, drivers and delivery rules.


Centralize commerce operations of your subsidiaries into one platform and enable multi-storefront for each brands.


We are the only commerce platform to offer multi-industry checkout logic for complex ordering workflows.

Smart Pricing

Customizable to your existing pricing processes.Save time and money with quoting and pricing automation


Connect all payment methods to your bank account and receive funds seamlessly while getting real-time payment status updates for each transaction automatically generated.

E-Ticketing & E-invoicing Automation

Generate tailored, editable and detailed e-tickets and e-invoices that can be sent out automatically when an order is completed.

Next-Gen Dispatch & Scheduling

3 scheduling views to manage more efficiently your deliveries; Order view, driver view and truck view.

Customer Portal

Reduce phone calls by up to 90% while improving your customer experience and sales through your own, white-labeled customer portal.

Inventory / Raw material / Telematics

Seamless access to telematic data, allowing you to remotely configure and transmit custom mix recipes to your fleet of Blend trucks. The inventory management module  enables real-time monitoring of your raw materials at various locations.

Analytics dashboard

Our platform is setup for dynamic pricing based on many complex parameters, including suppliers. If you want to build a platform that will display suppliers pricing based on a delivery address, for example - our platform can do just that and more.

Driver and customer app

This app gives any suppliers “Uber-like” capabilities and enables you to monitor your drivers routes, geolocations and driving history


Enable e-signature directly through the driver app. Your drivers can now make each customer sign digitally when an order is completed to confirm the delivery is in good standards. 

Delivery Controls & Checklists

Give drivers the possibility to monitor and manage multi-item deliveries by confirming the delivery of each item and get visual proof of delivery through our picture based confirmation features.

Geolocation & Map

Get a complete and clear snapshot of your driver locations, ETA and status on your location based global map. Use map filters to quickly locate specific data points in real-time

For dispatchers, drivers, customers, finance teams and owners.


Streamline your entire company with our all-in-one software solution

One software to run your entire business

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Switch to Tough Commerce.  It's time.

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