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May Release Notes

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

New Features

  • Global Map View - Dashboard users can now see all their active trucks on one screen, click on a truck to view what job it's on and more!

  • Multi-Product Checkout - Suppliers selling building materials or landscaping supplies can now create orders with multiple products types per order.

  • Create Quotes - Dashboard users can now create quotes (orders without a date) to estimate costs for a job. Quotes are viewed through the "Quotes" status in the dashboard. Quotes can be easily converted to orders when the contractor is ready.

  • Google Calendar Integration - You can now sync your orders with a google calendar and view them from anywhere. Sync details include job number, quantity, product, time, payment status and job status.

  • Failed Payment Automation - When CC payments fail, contractors will now receive an automatic text + email letting them know and asking them to enter new details. They can do that from any phone or computer.

  • Contractor Notifications - Contractors can receive text messages letting them know when the truck is on the way. This is meant for those contractors who do not have the app yet.

  • Auto-Collect - Details coming soon!

  • Get Paid - Details coming soon!

  • Refer To Billd - Details coming soon!



  • American Customers - When a contractor signs up from an invite the phone number will now default to an American phone number.

  • Driver Time Off - Dashboard users now have better control over driver time off from the scheduling screen. Selecting multiple days, editing driver time off, and removing time off is now available.

  • Edit Options - Removed old edit options screen and migrated to new order edit screen. Our long term goal is to edit everything about an order on one screen.

  • Offline Payments - Improved UI and details for accepting offline payments inside the platform.

  • Removed Notifications - Email notifications will no longer be sent for truck started, truck arrived, truck complete. Contractors with the app will continue to receive push notifications for these items.

  • New Filters on Payments Tab - You can now filter the payments tab by transaction status & by payment method.

  • Taxes and Fees - When adding taxes or fees from new order screen or edit order screen, you can now simply search for the tax or fee instead of scrolling through the list.

  • Notify Driver of Previous Order - Drivers will now be notified when starting a new delivery if they are already active on a previous delivery. This will allow them to easily complete the previous delivery before starting a new one.

  • Expiry Date & Name on CC - Credit Cards stored on the platform will now have expiry date & Name on Card to help distinguish when contractors have multiple cards saved.

  • Completed Orders - When an order is marked complete, the driver is no longer able to make changes to the order.

  • Exporting Orders & Payments - When exporting orders and payments, you can now bulk mark those orders and payments as exported.

  • Day Added to Date - Through-out the platform the day has been added to the date for better understanding between dispatchers, contractors & drivers. Eg. May 25th will appear as Thursday May 25th.

  • Added Payout Export - Payout summaries can now be exported to an excel sheet for easier viewing and reconciliation.


Bug Fixes

  • Block Off Availability - Corrected an error occurring when booking holidays and "closing" the storefront for certain days

  • Select All Finance Tab - Corrected ability to select all and deselect individual orders or payments instead of selecting just that payment.

  • Only Invoice Email To Accounting Email - Corrected issue where all order updates were being sent to contractor's accounting email in some cases.

  • Chat Messages - Chat messages can now be viewed on completed orders. All previous chat messages are saved and now visible.

  • AM/PM UI Issue - Fixed issue where orders would show delivery at 11 am - 2 am instead of 11 am - 2pm.

  • Disappearing Orders - Fixed issue when merging contractors with contractor members caused some completed orders to disappear.

  • General Bug Fixes - Numerous fixes relating to options, fees, delivery dates, order editing and payments.

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